Outsourcing Services Company in Indonesia

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Scope of Work for RecruitFirst's Outsourcing Service


We provide recruitment services, including interview arrangement, readiness audit for the offer stage, and a smooth onboarding process within a 3 – 5 working day period.

Employee Migration and Management

We handle employee onboarding with the signing of employment contracts (LA) and orientation, government regulation registrations (Health & Social Security), monthly payroll processing (including tax management of PPh 21), employee salary disbursements, as well as employee offboarding with deregistration of regulations and benefits.

Employee Performance Evaluation with the Client

This includes attendance, work ethics, contract extension/employee status, and administration of letters such as warning letters, reference letters (Parklaring), and resignation letters.

Integrated System in User-Friendly HRIS System

This includes Geo Fencing attendance system, leave management system, overtime management, salary slips, and others

Benefits of Choosing

  1. Focus

    Allows you to concentrate on core strengths and manage tasks that can enhance operational business activities.

  2. Customized Solutions

    Innovative and business-oriented HR solutions from RecruitFirst that align with your business objectives and can be enhanced as needed.

  3. Lower Costs

    Experienced HR experts dedicated to your team, without additional recruitment expenses.

  4. Professionalism

    Reliable, flexible, and efficient consultants with specialized expertise in your industry.

  5. Knowledge

    No need to worry about regulations or unfamiliar aspects as we will handle everything for you.

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FAQ Outsourcing Services

An Outsourcing Company or Outsourcing Service is a service that provides a workforce as an external solution for specific business needs, where a company entrusts specific functions or tasks to an external party to be carried out efficiently and professionally.

The benefits of Outsourcing services include cost reduction, increased focus on core business activities, access to specialized expertise, and flexibility in managing resources.

Services that can be outsourced encompass various business functions, such as finance and accounting, human resources, marketing, information technology, logistics, and customer service.

Choosing the right Outsourcing partner involves evaluating expertise, reputation, experience, and provider references. You should also identify your company’s specific needs to help your company grow.

While Outsourcing Services are beneficial for many types of businesses, the decision to recruit outsourcing services should be based on an analysis of business needs, internal resources, and company strategy. Not all business functions need to be outsourced, depending on each company’s situation and the need for a professional workforce.

Many companies use Outsourcing services to focus on core business activities, gain access to specific expertise, achieve efficiency, and flexibility, and foster innovation. Outsourcing enables companies to obtain specialized services in various needed areas without dealing with internal recruitment and training.