Advanced Payroll Service for Business

Let RecruitFirst handle your payroll while you focus on business operations! With our Payroll Services, your employees will experience professionalism and accuracy in salary calculations, as well as timely disbursements.

Our Scope of Work Payroll Service

Accurate and Convenient Process and Transactions
  • BPJS and tax monthly deduction calculation
  • Allowances calculation
  • Bonus and all incentives calculation
  • Salary disbursement (optional)
  • E-payslip (optional)
  • Severance package calculation (if any)
Regular BPJS Process
  • BPJS Ketenagakerjaan: register, modify, deactivate – including card distribution
  • BPJS Kesehatan: register, modify, deactivate
  • BPJS Kesehatan monthly reporting according to payroll deduction
  • Calculate company premium based on SIPP
Regular Tax (SPT) Process
  • Create and calculate SSP Income Tax article 21 and/or 28
  • Create and report e-SPT
  • Reconcile tax owed and paid
  • Compile SSP & proof of withholding income tax article 21
  • Update tax profile, PTKP and SPT from previous company

Benefits of Using
RecruitFirst's Payroll Service

  1. Flexibility to Suit Your Business Needs

    RecruitFirst manages the entire process:

    • Payroll, from monthly report generation to salary payments, statutory allowances, and reporting.
    • Claims administration, sales incentives, and bonus disbursements.
  2. Superior Service

    RecruitFirst provides:

    • A well-managed and experienced payroll team.
    • Customer service access 7 days a week.
    • Accurate calculations and timely reporting.
  3. Digital Toolbox

    Access the latest technology through the Digital platform for:

    • Salary slips & Tax Forms
    • Claims
    • Enhance Data Security: all data stored in Singapore with a cloud-based system.
  4. Always Compliant with Indonesian Tax Regulations

    • Comprehensive reports based on the latest government tax regulations.
    • Avoiding errors that may lead to severe penalties and sanctions.

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FAQ Payroll Services

Payroll Services are services that provide management of employee salaries and benefits, including salary calculations, tax deductions, and salary disbursements.

Payroll Services help companies save time and resources in accurately managing employee salaries and benefits, while ensuring compliance with tax and labor regulations.

Payroll Services can handle various tasks, such as salary calculations, management of allowances and claims, tax deductions, employee data updates, payroll reporting, and salary data storage.

The decision to outsource Payroll Services depends on the complexity of the company’s payroll management, internal resources, and the level of compliance with regulations required. Outsourcing Payroll can help companies avoid errors and save time and costs.

Choosing the right Payroll Services provider involves assessing their reputation, expertise, data security, and customer support. Ensure that the provider has experience and understanding of the tax and labor regulations applicable in the company’s operating region.